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With India witnessing rapid strides in terms of adoption of eCommerce, it’s possibly the best time for small-medium enterprises (SMEs) to reach out to a larger pool of customers across the globe by adopting the rapidly evolving cross-border eCommerce as another mode of distribution.Cross-border e-commerce is international trade between a business (retailer or brand) and a consumer or between two businesses and even with brands and wholesalers – via online marketplace platforms. In a nutshell, cross-border e-Commerce is the process of purchasing and selling products beyond national borders.

India, with 50 million registered SMEs with their unique offerings, has a lifetime opportunity to win customers from offshore markets with the rapid adoption of cross-border eCommerce as an important medium for their global reach strategy. Along with Govt’s strong push for “Make in India”, “Self-Reliant India” and other such initiatives for the MSME sector, Cross border eCommerce will enable small and medium merchants to sell their products internationally. From our studies, we have identified various challenges associated with cross-border eCommerce from India. Some of the common queries that we have received from MSMEs regarding cross border eCommerce are as follows.

Note: To find all the above answers we are here for you. Hence, Introducing the 1 full day (6 Hours) Cross Border eCommerce Workshop “Boost your Export with Cross Border eCommerce” for all of you!!!

“Boost your Export with Cross Border eCommerce” is an evidence-based Cross Border eCommerce workshop designed to support your aspirations for expanding your business beyond the national borders and able to successfully scale the global market. You will gain useful insights and a clear approach to building a successful Cross Border eCommerce business within a frugal budget. You will have the opportunity to acquire key skills and the real practical knowledge shared by eCommerce experts ( not academicians) that are paramount to build a successful Online global selling business.  

Workshop Details

“Boost your Export with Cross Border eCommerce” is a 1 full day(6 Hours) Cross Border eCommerce workshop (Offline) that examines strategies related to how to kickstart an eCommerce business that can conquer global markets. The action-oriented, self-directed workshop combines research and theory with practical strategies, culminating in the successful launching of a Cross Border eCommerce business — In this workshop, aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs, SMBs, current Exporters will be given a walk-through of the strategies and tactics necessary to launch and grow a successful Cross Border eCommerce business.

Topics covered include

Note: Learn all the elements it takes to run a successful cross border eCommerce business, from finding winning products to how to find the right customers to your online platform, how to make visitors buy your product and everything else that needs to happen behind the scenes to run a successful cross border eCommerce business. This workshop is lightly facilitated with a strong emphasis on the community of practice that emerges among participants. Connect, reflect, and actively engage with fellow participants through conversations, project feedback, and brainstorms.


Don’t spend hours fishing around for tutorials that only skim the surface. Learn real-time with in-depth case studies to Leverage different global selling B2C and B2B eCommerce platforms and also able to build your very own branded online store to create a full-time successful global eCommerce business empire.

Learn the latest Trends

Learn the ever-changing digital environment in which the role and importance of cross border eCommerce as an industry in India are going, the impact of cross border eCommerce business for the future era.

Master Cross-border eCommerce Marketing Strategies

Learn the latest branding strategies and digital marketing methods organizations can use in combination with other marketing methods and integrate them into their international sales and marketing plan.

Learn and implement all the Best Practices

Understand the various best practices associated with international markets regarding running an efficient and effective cross border eCommerce operation, including the ability to integrate with other systems within an organization, and accommodate growth.

Learn the secrets of Building a Winning Cross-border eCommerce business

Set up a cross border eCommerce business operation using different online platforms, tools, and best practices that provide a storefront,
a shopping cart, and payment options, minimize security and privacy risks, are user friendly, and provide timely customer support and delivery as per satisfying the various criteria’s for running a
successful cross border eCommerce business.

Learn from the Peers

Participate in an active online learning community and develop professional relationships that can help expand your horizon.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for those who want to make a career in the thriving eCommerce industry, small business owners looking for expanding to global markets, exporters looking for leveraging different online platforms to increase their footprints across international markets.



Aspiring entrepreneurs

Small Business Owners



Aspiring entrepreneurs

Small business owners


After your participation in this Workshop “Boost your Export with Cross Border eCommerce”, we recommend joining our 3 Days “Cross border eCommerce Master class” training program. This next-step program allows you to develop and refine your business strategy with 1-1 mentoring — as you move from planning to action.

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