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Build, launch, and grow your eCommerce business on a frugal budget.

Learn the key skills required to launch your own successful eCommerce business with a team of eCommerce experts.


In the face of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, online business or eCommerce business is now becoming an integral part of our daily lives. You must be thinking about what it takes to launch an eCommerce business and there must be certain questions roaming around your mind like:

Note: To find the right answers we are here for you. Hence, Introducing the 2 Hours eCommerce Workshop Inclusive eCommerce” for all of you!!!

Inclusive eCommerce” is an evidence-based free eCommerce workshop designed to support your preparations for starting an eCommerce business. You will gain useful insights and a clear approach to building a successful online business within a frugal budget. You will have the opportunity to acquire key skills which are paramount to build a successful eCommerce business.  

Workshop Details

“Inclusive eCommerce” is a 2 hours free eCommerce workshop (Offline) that examines strategies related to how to kickstart an eCommerce business as a beginner and implement various best practices to achieve desired success. The action-oriented, self-directed workshop combines research and theory with practical strategies, culminating in the successful launching of an eCommerce business — In this workshop, aspiring and established e-commerce entrepreneurs will be given a walk-through of the strategies and tactics necessary to launch and grow a successful e-commerce business.

Topics covered include

Learn all the elements it takes to run a successful e-commerce business, from finding winning products to how to drive traffic to an e-commerce site, how to make visitors buy your product, and everything else that needs to happen behind the scenes to run a successful e-commerce business.This workshop is lightly facilitated with a strong emphasis on the community of practice that emerges among participants. Connect, reflect, and actively engage with fellow participants through conversations, project feedback, and brainstorms


Don’t spend hours fishing around for tutorials that only skim the surface. Learn real-time with in-depth case studies to Leverage different national and global selling B2C and B2B eCommerce marketplaces and also able to build your very own branded online store to create a full-time successful eCommerce business.

Stay in Loop with the Latest Digital Trends

Learn the ever-changing digital environment in which the role and importance of eCommerce as an industry in India is going, the impact of eCommerce business for the future era.

Master eCommerce Marketing strategies

Learn the latest branding strategies and digital marketing methods organizations can use in combination with other marketing methods and integrate into their international sales and marketing plan.

Learn and Implement all the prevailing Best Practices

Understand the various best practices associated with the design and development of an efficient and effective eCommerce operation, including the ability to integrate with other systems within an organization, and accommodate growth.

Learn the secrets of Building a Winning Online Store

Set up an eCommerce business operation using different tools and best practices that provide a storefront, a shopping cart and payment options, minimize security and privacy risks, are user
friendly, and provide timely customer support and delivery.

Learn from the Peers

Participate in an active online learning community and develop professional relationships that can help expand your    horizon.

Who Should Attend?

This training program is for those who want to make a career in the thriving eCommerce industry, start their own Online businesses and grow it to a new dimension.

College students



Independent sellers

Aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs

College students



Independent sellers

Aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs

Note:Registration will take place on an individual basis and teams are welcome.


After your participation in this Workshop “Inclusive eCommerce”, we recommend joining our 1 Day “eCommerce Master class” training program. This next-step program allows you to develop and refine your business strategy with 1-1 mentoring — as you move from planning to to create a full-time successful eCommerce business.

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