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About us

Our Mission

Make eCommerce Skills Accessible to everyone.

We at Webverbal fight to narrow the digital divide, and level the playing field for independent sellers, Youth, SHG and MSME through the power of eCommerce knowledge sharing and 1 to 1 mentoring. An innovative approach to personalized education in eCommerce to empower our communities through evidence-based Certified eCommerce training programs and workshops that scales to address gaps in the digital divide.

Why us?

An amalgamation of passion, talent, skill,
experience, creativity & innovation.

We are a team of experienced eCommerce founders having practical experience of building our own eCommerce business from scratch. We have a mission to share our expertise and experience with our community of youth, women, SHG groups, MSME, eCommerce merchants and other passionate business owners to help them grow their online business successfully. With several years of research and practical experience we have designed a ground breaking eCommerce curriculum which will help to bridge the digital divide.

Our Services

We provide ground breaking eCommerce training programs and develop winning marketing strategies for passionate business owners.

eCommerce training programs

strategic eCommerce consulting

Conversion-focused website design

Sales copywriting

Growth-focused digital marketing.

Our Vision

To bridge the digital divide

Creating better economic opportunities for every business owner with affordable and accelerated digital innovations.

Our Values

Simplicity and Innovation drive us