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Top 10 B2B eCommerce Platforms In India Helping Wholesale Business Owners Scale Their Businesses All Over The Globe.


B2B marketplaces in India are the markets that still remain opaque and vague, and it is very difficult to find the best deals on the online and the offline markets. Here’s the comprehensive list of B2B online marketplaces for people in business looking to get the best deal.

These marketplaces are known for their plethora of varieties of goods and services, some of which are so unique that they are not available in the entire country except there.

These marketplaces offer various levels of product choices and varying rates, owing to their large seller base and product solicitation lines.

1. Alibaba – Wholesale B2B Marketplace

Alibaba, found in 1999, is a leading platform for global wholesale trade. This site brings you millions of products and access to those products globally.

Alibaba ensures that all its products are freely available in all 40 major categories that it deals in. It has a wide range of products that range from consumer electronics to high-tech machinery and apparel.

It is also the to-go platform for cross-border trade of several goods and services. It is known for its worldwide shipment of goods and products including all the custom and border tariff charges. It helps small and medium scale enterprises worldwide to sell their goods and expand business overseas.

According to surveys, Alibaba serves more than 18 million buyers and sellers from more than 240 countries across the world. It caters to the people of all regions and geographical locations provided they have an internet connection and their countries allow global trade marketing. It also showcases products that range from raw materials to several categories of finished goods.

2. IndiaMART – Online B2B marketplace

IndiaMART is one of India’s largest online marketplaces. It was founded in 1996 and had since been connecting buyers and sellers all over India. IndiaMART provides a platform to buyers and suppliers to focus on Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and some large enterprises and individuals as well.

It is known that IndiaMART has more than 1.5 million suppliers who have been registered to its online portal. IndiaMART caters to its whopping demand of over 10 million users who are also frequent buyers.

IndiaMART is also credited with keeping an accurate database and maintaining thousands of transactions every day.

IndiaMART is one of the most popular sites that help people look for the products that they want.

It has a collection of contact numbers, email addresses and other contact information about the sellers so that the buyers can directly interact with their supplier before they buy the product.

3. TradeIndia – Online B2B marketplace in India

When speaking about e-commerce centres and the websites and portals that make it happen, TradeIndia is one of the top contenders. TradeIndia offers web businesses listings to Indian buyers and several foreign manufacturers as well.

It connects Indian and foreign suppliers, exporters, importers and other service providers all on the same website. It gives these people a platform and a mainframe interface to connect directly.

Trade India was based on the idea of providing an ideal forum for buyers and sellers from across the globe to interact and conduct their business with Indian businessmen smoothly.

Founded in 1996, it now has more than 3 million registered users and product catalogs that have hundreds of thousands of wide categories.

It receives around 20.5 million hits every month and conducts business online in a safe, efficient and effective way. It is the preferred choice of online marketplaces for several businessmen in India and abroad.

4. go4WorldBusiness – Wholesale B2B marketplace

go4WorldBusiness is an online marketplace that operates globally. It has an agency in New Delhi which functions as the company’s headquarters.

It is the perfect marketplace for traders, investors and businessmen to trade with Indian counterparts. Several import and export facilities are provided by the company to make trading easy for the traders that are registered on its portal.

It was founded in 1997, and its parent company was Wyzen Systems Pvt. Ltd. Its highly appreciated feature is that it shows product photos and web pages for different sellers in the registration portal. This visual aid helps customers to make more informed, smart and efficient choices.

5. JimTrade

JimTrade is another Indian origin Business Directory that features Indian suppliers directories and the list of the products that they sell or frequently buy. It also features a regularly-updated list of Trade Fairs in India. JimTrade provides complete and entirely updated information on Indian products and their suppliers.

It also contains a directory that lists a lot of popular buyers for certain products.

JimTrade has become the perfect location for buyers to source Indian products and for Indian sellers to take advantage of the opportunities of promotion that this company gives them. Buyers can take full advantage of the opportunity to promote their brands and their products on this site for free, only at the cost of registering yourself at the customer/seller portal at the website, whichever is applicable to you.

JimTrade has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has information about more than 1500 Indian suppliers and traders and a list of their products online. It helps them select and contact the seller or the buyer that is most suitable to their interests.

6. Tradeford

Tradeford is the leading global B2B marketplace that deals with thousands of global buyers, suppliers and manufacturers. It creates free websites for companies and showcases their seemingly unlimited range of products and product categories.

TradeFord’s extensive database that consists of quality buyers from all around India covers all major industries like Fashion, Apparel, Chemicals, Construction, Furniture, Transportation, Food & Beverages, Health and Beauty, Machinery and other Industrial goods etc.

7. Amazon Business

Amazon recently got unlimited FDI approval for the B2B segment in India. Hence, the technology giant that started off selling books has now come to the place where it can sell anything to anyone.

‘’ is specially made for small to medium business owners and traders in India. AmazonBusiness, a dedicated portal under the Amazon company name targets small offices, entrepreneurs and departmental stores from all across India. It also targets Kirana stores, clinics, hospitals and hotels and restaurants from time to time.

It was founded in 2015, and in just 5 years, it has listed thousands of products and sorted them into different categories for their buyers and sellers.

Currently, Amazon sells Office products, stationery, cleaning and other household supplies, bed and bath, kitchen and dining, health and personal care and food and beverages.

8. Exporters India

Exporters India is one of India’s largest searchable B2B marketplace and has one of the largest exporters directories that connects different exporters, suppliers and buyers. It was founded in 1997, is the home to countless products and businesses all across India, many of whom are known far and wide for the quality of their products and the reliability of the seller.

9. WebdealIndia

WebdealIndia is a sophisticated portal that is designed to idealize B2B marketing and B2C marketing uniquely. It is a portal where the buyer can easily choose the products they need from a huge inventory, take the smartly packed and minimalistically designed wholesale offers and interact directly with stores that sell them.

Webdeal India also has a feature that makes it easy for sellers and buyers to conduct their business here – online payments. These online payments make sure that both the buyer and the seller are confident that the money will reach them once the transaction is complete and that it is in safe hands. Webdeal India also uses safe and secure servers to make sure the money does not get hacked by crackers.

10. All India Bazar

This B2B marketing company was founded by Shan Dharam Shenker and other co-founders and was established in 2009. All India Bazar is an online E-commerce marketplace where private individuals and companies can sell and buy new and old items online. It specializes in B2B commerce, conversational commerce, steel, cement and features lots of chatbots.


The list of the B2B marketplaces in India runs long. It is not possible to fit them all in such a small post. However, even though this list that we have compiled is not entirely exhaustive, we have tried to include all the important marketplaces that might work to your advantage.

If you are a seller, make sure that you register yourself and your products to these best B2B marketplaces to ensure that you have more and more buyers.

This way, the expansion of your business is inevitable. However, if you are a seller, you must make sure that you check all these best marketplaces before you choose a seller for the product that you need.

Be assured that this list contains some of the most reliable and trustworthy sellers and product lists and directories that you will find on the internet. Make sure to check out all of them before making a confirmed choice.

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